3D course with bow and arrow

With 100 realistic 3D targets
Relaxation and concentration
4 different courses
Action & fun for the whole family

Welcome to the 3D archery park

Right next to the Kahlenberg forest rope park, the 3D archery park awaits you with courses of different lengths. With a lot of fun and concentration, you can shoot at our numerous 3D targets, which are based on real animals.

4 courses of varying difficulty

A total of 90 stations

With 100 realistic 3D targets

Equipment for hire including training

Shots up to 70m

Suitable for children from 10 years

Practice area with targets

Located at the gates of Vienna, wildly romantic on the Kahlenberg


Bow on sale € 139,-

Included in the price
• including 5 arrows
• incl. quiver
• including arm protection and finger protection
• 1 free entry
• while stocks last

• Pickup from 24.10. until 26.10.2022
• A €39 reservation fee must be paid for reservations.

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