Children's birthday

The 3D archery park offers your children insights into the art of archery, always under the watchful eyes of our professional guides!

Kosten Bogenschießen Kindergeburtstag €380,-

including equipment and care for up to 8 children

Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult

Duration: 2.5 - 3h

Minimum age: 8

Accompanied by professional archers

Kulinarischer Ausklang mit hausgemachter Wiener Küche in der Josefinenhütte möglich

nicht im Package inkludiert


Afterwards, end the day comfortably in the Josefinenhütte, including a buffet and cake


11,90 per child for the buffet
  • Homemade Sachertorte with a spray candle and lettering prepared by the chef at the Josefinenhütte
  • Children's buffet based on your selection (gourmet, veggie, colorful mix) incl. drink​
  • zzgl. € 33,60 Sachertorte klein (ca. 12 kleine Stk.) oder
  • zzgl. € 58,80 Sachertorte groß (ca. 14 große Stk.)


15,50 per child
  • You will bring cake
  • cutlery and. Crockery provided by the Josefinenhütte team
  • Children's buffet based on your selection (gourmet, veggie, colorful mix) incl. drink​

The following children's buffet variations are available




Kindergeburtstag buchen

Our outdoor trainer

Surname: Stephan Kadlec

Job: Freelance outdoor coach

Education: Surfing and sailing instructors, ski and snowboard instructors, climbing trainers, nature and adventure educators, canoe guides, archery trainers and outdoor trainers.

Since 2018: Outdoor trainer for the Kahlenberg adventure world + archery park

Responsibilities: Organization and management of team training for business customers, support for guests in the archery park - training

Information on process organization​

In the event of cancellation (consequence: closure of the park) on the part of the organizer, due to e.g. force majeure (storm), cancellation may be possible or an alternative date (postponement free of charge) can be agreed together.

A cancellation is possible up to 7 days before the date without costs, after that 40% cancellation costs of the package price apply.

So the children are optimally equipped