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There are no reservations for private individuals and private groups. If you come with a group (> 10 people), we ask you to inform us in advance by email ( If there is a large crowd, there may be waiting times. For children's birthdays and company events, please use our online form directly.

Is the course also suitable for absolute newbies?
Yes. You will receive a detailed explanation and briefing at the shooting range. In addition to our personal explanations, the most important information is posted on an information board at the entrance.          

From the age of 10 you can do archery with us. If you come to archery with children, please note the supervisory relationship:

Children under 14 years:
2 children - 1 adult

Children from 14-17 years:
4 children - 1 adult

This cannot be answered in general, since it depends on many factors (group size, number of groups on the course, duration of the arrow search). With a group of 4 people, you can roughly expect the following duration:

Course 1 (20 stations) - 2 hours
Course 2 (30 stations) - 3.5 hours

Experienced shooters are of course much faster than those new to archery. Inexperienced shooters should also plan enough time for training and independent practice on the shooting range.

The footwear must be firm and closed and should have a profiled sole. When it comes to clothing, everyone has to decide for themselves what they prefer. The course is completely outdoor so clothing should be adapted to the weather. We recommend sun and insect protection in the summer months.

Light rain is not an obstacle. In bad weather (heavy rain, storm, thunderstorm, fog) there is no operation. When dusk falls, stop shooting immediately!

Please inform yourself about the current opening times on our homepage before your visit. If we are closed due to the weather, information can be found on the homepage.

The course is not suitable for prams.

Yes. The rental equipment includes a bow, arrows, a quiver, and finger and forearm protection.

Yes, our 3D archery park is open in winter too, but only for those with their own bow. Rental equipment is only available from March – October.

No, we currently don't offer any courses!

Crossbows are generally prohibited with us. Compound bows may be used as long as the pulling force does not exceed 70 pounds.

Shooting with your own material is possible every day from sunrise to dusk - Please fill out the participation form at the archery hut and throw it into the deposit safe with the entrance fee. Take the demolition with you so that you can identify yourself at controls. Don't forget to enter and remove entries in the course book!

There is a softdrink machine at the start of the course at the Josefinenhütte (during opening hours). We ask you to keep the course clean and to properly dispose of any rubbish you have brought with you.

Yes, we also lend left-hand bows. If you don't know exactly which your dominant eye is, we will be happy to advise you in order to provide you with the right equipment.

Yes, these can be bought in our online shop.

Yes. The annual ticket is valid for one calendar year (365 days) from the date of issue. Rental equipment is not included in the annual ticket.

Yes, but the dogs must be kept on a leash.

No, smoking is prohibited in the forest.

No, as long as you don't shoot yourself, you don't have to pay an entrance fee. So if you are accompanying other shooters or are traveling as a companion with minors and do NOT shoot yourself, you do not have to pay an entrance fee.


Forest rope park reopened with limited opening times.

3D archery park: until May 19, the rental shop with schooling is closed. Use with your own material is possible under the following conditions:

  • Use only with your own material and at your own risk
  • Compliance with the minimum distance of 2m
  • Registration in the course book
  • Payment at the deposit safe in the garden of the Josefinenhütte
  • It is forbidden to enter the system in strong winds!
Josefinenhütte will open again from May 19th.
Stay healthy and take care of each other! Your team from Kahlenberg World of Adventure!


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