Course rules

It is absolutely necessary to follow our codes of conduct and safety regulations at all time. Ensure the safety of yourself and your surroundings!
Read the course rules carefully – by signing the consent form, you expressly confirm that you have understood and accepted the rules!

Supervising ratio

The following supervising ratio needs to be considered.
The following care conditions are to be considered:
10-13 years1 adult: 2 children
14-17 years1 adult: 4 children
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The following rules are to be taken into account before using the course at the Kahlenberg Archery Park:
  • The course times are to be complied with at all costs.
  • The facilities may only be used by persons holding a valid day pass. This must be carried on your person on the course at all times and shown to a member of staff when requested to do so.
  • Each archer is obligated to enter their name in the course book before entering the course.
  • Crossbows are NOT permitted!
  • Taster sessions may only be carried out under the supervision of an expert, as well as after having been registered in advance on the phone.
  • When visiting our archery range for the first time, visitors must first receive instruction in its use.
  • Children and young people under the age of 18 may only use the archery range and the course when accompanied by an adult or a trainer. Parents are liable for their children.
  • Persons who use the premises without authorisation or without entering their name in the course book can expect to pay an increased daily fee of € 50.00 and for a complaint to be submitted to the police.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden in the forest. (risk of forest fires)
  • Archery may not be carried out by visitors who are under the influence of alcohol.
  • Sturdy shoes must be worn on the courses.
  • Each archer is responsible for their shot. This means that, before releasing an arrow, each archer must ensure that their line of fire and the hazard area behind it are clear, thus ensuring that no humans or animals are at risk. HOCH4 Erlebniswelt Leopoldsberg Betriebs GmbH. is not liable for personal or material damages caused by archers.
  • Everyone must stand behind the archer when an arrow is being fired.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead!
  • The course may only be carried out in the specified direction.
  • In case of strong fog, stormy wind or other extreme weather events and when dusk falls, shooting must be stopped immediately and the course has to be left.
  • Arrows may only be fired from the marked pegs and the areas designated for this purpose. Red peg – bows with sights | blue peg – instinctive bows, longbows, barebows | white peg – children, young people and beginners
  • Archers may only shoot at those 3D targets which have been set out for this purpose.
  • Where an arrow goes missing, somebody must remain standing in front of the target in question or the archer must make it clear that somebody is searching for an arrow by leaning their bow against the target or 3D animal.
  • Archers may not make any adjustments to targets or marked pegs of their own accord. Those who do so will be liable to prosecution.
  • Field points may not be used. The use of hunting blades is prohibited by law.
  • You enter the area at your own risk.
  • Neither the landowner nor HOCH4 Erlebniswelt Leopoldsberg Betriebs GmbH. accept liability for any personal or material damages which may occur.
  • In the event of damages caused by force majeure, neither the landowner nor HOCH4 Erlebniswelt Leopoldsberg Betriebs GmbH. assume any liability.
  • Failure to comply with the training rules will result in your right to practice archery being immediately withdrawn.
  • We kindly request that you pick up your rubbish. This allows even more people to become interested in and familiar with our sport, thus ensuring the continued operation of our facility.
  • Please report anything you are uncertain about or any risks to us immediately! We also ask that you draw our attention to any other unusual incidents.
To all archers who wish to use our courses: Read the course rules carefully – by signing the consent form, you expressly confirm that you have understood and accepted the rules! By complying with the COURSE RULES, each individual makes a contribution towards ensuring that this wonderful sport can continue to be carried out for a long time!


Forest rope park reopened with limited opening times.

3D archery park: until May 19, the rental shop with schooling is closed. Use with your own material is possible under the following conditions:

  • Use only with your own material and at your own risk
  • Compliance with the minimum distance of 2m
  • Registration in the course book
  • Payment at the deposit safe in the garden of the Josefinenhütte
  • It is forbidden to enter the system in strong winds!
Josefinenhütte will open again from May 19th.
Stay healthy and take care of each other! Your team from Kahlenberg World of Adventure!


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